Hammond House

Hammond House is a community residence program located in a Victorian-style house in downtown Saratoga Springs. It provides 24-hour supervision and support to men and women who are working towards recovery from both psychiatric and substance use disorders. Hammond House is committed to providing effective and efficient services, delivered in a respectful manner. Hammond House staff believes that growth and change are possible for any individual who is provided a safe, structured, and therapeutic environment which is conducive to sobriety. Residents and staff define goals in a collaborative effort so that the resident progresses in planned, manageable, and measurable ways. Growth towards greater independence is achieved through the practice of effective living skills and improved self-esteem in a supportive, structured environment.

Services provided:

  • Food and shelter in a safe and healthy environment
  • Twenty-four hour supervision
  • Education and assistance with daily living skills
  • Goal oriented service planning directed toward more independent living
  • Training in money management
  • Service coordination with other agencies
  • Guidance with establishing and maintaining social relationships
  • Advocacy and support in meeting both physical and mental health needs
  • Crisis intervention
  • Guided practice in conflict resolution and stress management
  • Structured recreational program

Residents must be at least 18 years old and have a primary diagnosis of psychiatric illness. They should be in need of 24-hour supervision and be willing and able to actively participate in programming that will help them improve functional skills in order to move toward more independent living.

The monthly fee for each resident is based on the current SSI rate for eligible people. Most residents pay this fee with income received from federal, state and/or local funding sources.

Referrals are made to Hammond House by mental health providers from inpatient and outpatient settings.

How to access this service