Coached Family Visit Training has begun at Kaydeross House!

Kaydeross House staff at a training
K House staff learning new skills

“Kaydeross House staff are very excited to be learning a new model of engagement with our girls’ families. The training is meant to maximize the opportunity presented by visits between parents and their children in foster care. Visit Coaching engages and empowers parents as experts on their children. Together the parents and the coaches explore the needs behind a child’s behavior. Great stuff!”

-Deena Smith, Program Director/Family Therapist


Visit coaching supports families to make each visit fun for their children and to meet the unique needs of each child. Visit coaching includes:

  • Helping parents articulate their children’s needs to be met in visits
  • Preparing parents for their children’s reactions
  • Helping parents plan to give their children their full attention at each visit
  • Appreciating the parent’s strengths in caring meeting each child’s needs
  • Helping parents cope with their feelings so that they can visit consistently and keep their anger and sadness out of the visit


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