About Us

About Transitional Services Association Inc.

Transitional Services Association, Inc. (TSA) is a human service agency based in Saratoga Springs, NY that has been serving clients in Saratoga County since 1978. TSA programs provide care coordination and residential support services to adults and children struggling with mental health and substance use disorders, as well as chronic medical conditions.

TSA is a member of Hudson River United Services

The mission of Hudson River United Services is to strengthen the capacity of our regional network of providers to enhance service excellence collectively and individually in order to have increased impact in the community.

Management Team

Sybil Newell, Executive Director

Joseph Genovese, Deputy Director

Sherry Gonyea-McElroy, Support Services Director

Judy Bedore, Business Director

Board of Directors

Charles Dutch Hayward, President

William Bergan, Vice President

Thomas Chera, Treasurer

Billie Taft, Secretary

Gerard Wise

Peter Balouskas

David Nawrot

Michael O’Connell

Alan Walther

Amy Ponessa